My Sexual Life

Now that I’m very happily married and have a child I have had a chance to examine my sexual history.  My virginity was lost rather young when I had a Long Island Press paper route.  I delivered to a lesbian couple and for Christmas, they gave me detailed instruction in how to please a woman sexually.  They really worked on my cunnilingus technique to the point that I enjoy doing it more than intercourse.  They also showed me how fellatio is supposed to work.  Then I joined an underground BDSM club while in high school.  I was a top and coupled with an exquisite redhead who had very broad limits.  We went places few went, suspension, nipple restraints, binders, tight bondage, floggers, the works.  It all ended upon graduation and I “settled down” into more conventional relationships.  I was almost engaged once while in college, she was a Type 1 diabetic who ended up dying young.  I also was introduced to the wonderful world of professional sex.  My first provider was Marcy, the same name of a girl I knew since nursery school.  She was followed by Sheila, a champion deep throater.  Once I joined the Army, I found many outstanding providers, particularly in Germany, where I could explore my fetishes with little hinderance.  Oral, anal, BDSM and others were there for the taking.  I also found out I am boringly straight.  I was dating a bisexual girl who introduced me to her partner, a married woman.  We had dinner at their place and then on to the festivities.  Unfortunately, her husband did absolutely nothing for me.  We broke up a bit later.

My first marriage, to a rather sheltered Londoner in 1984, was a sexual disaster.  She would only do missionary.   She also had health problems which were exacerbated by the incompetence of Winn Army Community Hospital at Fort Stewart. I didn’t play throughout my marriage but she did, as I was later to discover.  We eventually divorced after I caught her stepping out with half the Navy and Marine Corps at San Diego in 1997.  I went back to my more “libertine” pursuits until I met my present wife.  Three providers were my mainstays.  Ming was an exquisite woman with touchis length dark hair.  Zara, who worked at the HC, was a brilliant redhead who reminded me of my long-lost BDSM partner.  She had tighter limits but was very willing to explore them.  She was replaced by Margo, a beginner as a pro but with a wealth of experience in her own life.  Finally, there was Ana, who had a vast repertoire.  After my marriage, we have maintained a mostly monogamous lifestyle with one or two out of relationship experiences that we consulted each other on before doing.  Part of it is our reduced financial situation.  However, I maintain contacts online with providers whose intellect interests me.  These include Sarah Bloom, Magdalene Hart and performers Taylor Wane and Darla Crane (not by any means a comprehensive list).  These are people with important things to say to us about society.  The fact they make their money in the “adult entertainment” industry shouldn’t take away from that.  For me, the sexiest organ of the body is the mind, everything else flows from that.  Good hair, a bright face and a curvy body doesn’t hurt; but it isn’t the be all and end all.  Happy Christmas to all and a peaceful New Year as well.


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