What Has Happened to the Honorable Profession Called Politician

Once upon a time, the practitioners of the honorable profession called politician had principles and would exchange them with those of both similar and dissimilar views in order to come to agreement on coherent policies.  Today, it has become a name-calling, my way or highway, win at all costs affair where the ends are used to justify any means.  On this side of the political divide, we have supporters of the two past primary opponents slagging each other off, often using some of the vilest language.  When they are called on it, they turn their attack on the caller, denigrating them personally as totally ignorant of reality.  They never stop for a moment to think that we are people who have lived through some of toughest of times, the 1960s.  We were on the front lines of all the progressive movements and often paid both a physical and psychological price for our activism.  Therefore, let me be absolutely plain.  My race is human.  An attack on another human is an attack on me.  Whatever my appearance may be is irrelevant and I have the battle scars to prove it from a very early age.  When I see the progressive movement reduced to the childish rants of so-called Berniebots and Clintonistas, each hurling invective at each other, they are defeating themselves.  Finally, to all those who believe they are of a higher life form than anyone else, I have news for you.  We all put on  our trousers the same way, one leg at a time.  In other words, grow the fuck up and stop making it all about yourselves.  It’s supposed to be about not what’s in it for ourselves but what’s in it for us all.  Funny, I remember hearing something like that in 1961.

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